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Knowledge is Key


In our 8 combined years in Asia, Matt and I have taught at private academies, a university, run a boutique teacher recruitment company in Gangnam, and owned a K-5 language school.  We have gained a comprehensive understanding of what a successful ESL experience needs from teachers, schools, and even mothers.  The trend in the Asian ESL industry right now is for better English teachers.  The best teachers do not necessarily have teaching certificates or degrees.  But that certainly helps and we focus our recruitment on those that have such qualifications.  But the most important thing for becoming a good teacher is attitude and personality.  Finding these great teaching candidates is our mission!  High standards are going to set us apart from other recruiters.

Our second mission is transparency.  James has been a leader in the fight for more transparency between teachers and schools in the teacher recruitment process since starting his first recruitment company in 2008.  Good relationships come from trust, and trust comes from transparency.  We are pushing that mission further with profile video requirements.  These days, everyone can make a video with the phone in their pocket.  Profile videos allow candidates to display their personality and schools to make teachers comfortable before flying around the world to work together.

We will only work with a schools in Korea and China that have something great to offer, and have previous expat teachers that can give them the thumbs up.  Similarly, we will only recruit teachers that have either the personality or the pedagogy to be good, caring teachers.  If you want to take advantage of the opportunity we are offering here, signup and feel free to contact us with any questions (or suggestions!).   Matt and I absolutely love having conversations with anybody who is passionate about education and recruitment!

-James Rector & Matthew Devine, Founders